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F R A N K  A N T O N I O


Born and raised in the Bronx, New York from a Panamanian father & Puerto Rican mother in the 70s allowed this Master of Lenses to experience the dynamic enrichment of cultural art that is fused in his photography. The diversity of his upbringing & the plethora of cultures competing for social acceptance helped him discover ways to capture the feel of the moment without words to accompany the photo. Whether it was salsa or hip-hop, Copacabana or Roxy, empanada or pizza, graffiti decorated trains or handball courts, the intrigue and excitement never diminished. The many beautiful faces of New York women strutting in perfect jeans with their dark curly or straight hair bouncing on their shoulders & showing off their bamboo earrings and dope name plate. The lipstick and eyelashes morphed from a particular look in the 80s to a more sophisticated look in the present, where red bottoms and a summer dress are power! Thus began the birth of his addiction to…capture the moment!


Still growing, still a perfectionist & always will have OCD! Taking photography to the next level along with a new venture with the world's famous Sin City Cabaret Philasdelphia. A great combination for his photography allows his creativity to grow along with him using his management degrees with a venue that as a brand itself is growing to be one of the biggest names in the nightlife industry! A true worker who also dabbles in real estate always looking for the next great opportunity!


Without a strong family none of his successes would be possible, they are the fuel. Frank Sr. (The G.O.A.T) ignited a bomb and is looking down proudly on his son & all his accomplishments. His mother Maria, has always been the rock and true definition of what motherhood is. Both are greatly missed but never forgotten! Not to forget his brother Alex and the successful genius mother f’er that he is! And, the future, his nephews lil Alex, Chase and Joey! I Love you!

On that note, thanks for checking the website!!! Enjoy the pics….Wepa!!!



© 2020 by Frank Antonio. All Rights Reserved. 

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